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re: APPROVED - DECLINED - App: TheOriginalGrandmaster - by Monkf


hello agian, i have had a little talk and we've decided to decline you - just on the basis that we currently have filled our tank needs within the guild - so no longer have need for a new one.

but nice application , and i wish you luck in your guild hunt!


Now I may be an idiot, but there is one thing I am not, sir, and that, sir, is an idiot.
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re: APPROVED - DECLINED - App: TheOriginalGrandmaster - by Monkf


hello there, and thanks for your application.

allow us a little while to have a talk about it and we'll get back to you with an answer soon!



Now I may be an idiot, but there is one thing I am not, sir, and that, sir, is an idiot.

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re: App: TheOriginalGrandmaster

The application submitted by TheOriginalGrandmaster is as follows:

Personal Information

Djordje Kocic


Belgrade, Serbia

Character Information

Character Name::

BattleTag: (So that we can contact you, should we need to outside of these forums):

Character Class::

Raid Role::

Character Armory: (Please be sure to have your PvE gear showing on your Armory link):

Link to your logs: (Warcraft Logs):
Stated below.

Warcraft History

Raid History: (Please tell us your full raid history. It doesn't matter if it doesn't date back to the beginning, we just want to get an idea of how long and to what level you've experienced raiding):
I started raiding back in WotLK, but since it was on another acc, I don't have much to show for it.

Started raiding on this account in MoP, cleared ToT on normal, SoO full clear.
Inn WoD I had a good start, but guild fell apart during BRF, managed to get curves in HM and BRF, get 3 myhtic kills in HM and 5 kills in BRF.
Legion also started very good, got 1 mythic kill on first week, and nice progress on Elerethe, but some ppl left and we managed to achieve Cutting Edge by mid-Dec. Have a curve on Hellya, as well. I switched guilds with NH release, and we will probably manage to get Curve this week.

Guild History: (Please include some information about how long you spent there and the reasons why you left. This is not a place to trash-talk!):
Origin (Frostmane) fell apart during ToT
Contigency (Frostmane) died soon during SoO because we couldn't muster enough ppl for raiding
Asylum (Twisting Nether) left because they didn't intend to raid in WoD
Rehabilitation (Frostmane) joined at the beginning of WoD, did NM and HC of HM, then merged with Rebellion.
Rebellion (Frostmane) fell apart during BRF
War Torn (Frostmane) even though I had officer's rank here for over 2 months, and staying in guild for over 8 months, had major problems with other parts of leadership since they wanted to further slow down our raiding.
Ego (Frostmane) joined guild that was supposedly made from people that are leaving Empty Promises (Frostmane) which is world's 54th, but it never came to pass fully, since most of the raiders just want's to "chill", and can barely muster around 17 raiders (with no second tank on permanent base), which is in big odds from what I was told in recruiting interview, and that's why I am looking for some other raiding guild to participate

Additional Questions

Why do you want to join us and what do you believe you can offer us?:
I want to join you because you seem to be stable, progress-orientated raiding guild I am looking for, and because you are looking for monk tank Happy I can offer you almost 100% attendance (In War Torn I raided when I was sick, and on my birthday), always well-informed on tactics and details of boss fight, with especial focus on how to adapt to it as a monk and paladin tank. I regulary check mmo-champ, wowhead, icyveins and fatboss channel for guides and PTR info, for brewmaster/vengance information and some other sites to keep up-to-date with all things wow. Also, I always have flasks, potions, best food and runes.

Do you spend time on Warcraft other than the time it takes to raid? What else do you like to do or want to achieve in WoW outside raiding?:
I like achievements, so I usually devote my free time to that. Currently sitting on 21.885 achievement points. Also, a mount collector (261), and beginner in pet battles.

Do you have any significant alts? (Feel free to add armoury links also):
I do, but since not a single guild asked me to bring it up to raiding level gear-wise I just leveled it. He has rank 25 artifact knowledge though, and if needed I can play on him:

Do you play any other games? Do you or have you played them at a competative level? (It doesn't matter if you don't, we're just trying to build up an idea of the kind of player that you are):
League of Legends Diamond 3, Heroes of the Storm rank 1, later platinum level, a bit of Dota2, Overwatch Reinhardt main, 3000 mmr (diamond), and I think thats it.

Any Other Comments::
I would like to mention that i have 54 traits on tanking artifact, and even though its not equipped i have 4-set, and 2 more legendary items (Sephuz's Secret, and Gai-Plin's Soothing Sash, both of which are 910 but I will have one more upgrade for 940 ready come wednesday). Concerning logs, I will be honest I can read (understand them), but never got a good grasp on how they are generated as report and how to properly access them, and I never logged from my PC, so there's that. I know that War Torn (Frostmane) have alot of logs, and I would ask of you to look them up since I don't know how. I was there until 9-10, January 2017, so everything before will have me in report. Thank you again, and sorry for irregularity.

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