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re: App: Redshiro

The application submitted by Redshiro is as follows:

Personal Information




Character Information

Character Name::

BattleTag: (So that we can contact you, should we need to outside of these forums):

Character Class::

Raid Role::

Character Armory: (Please be sure to have your PvE gear showing on your Armory link):

Link to your logs: (Warcraft Logs):

Warcraft History

Raid History: (Please tell us your full raid history. It doesn't matter if it doesn't date back to the beginning, we just want to get an idea of how long and to what level you've experienced raiding):
I started to raid in WOTLK, My first raid was trials of the grand crusader and trials of the grant crusader followed shortly after. Sadly I never really got my mount. After that I started playing as a blood death knight and we progressed in ICC HC 25man we cleared everything up to Sindragosa, progressed pretty hardcore on the LK but sadly did not kill him. During expensions I played on and off. Including Cataclysm and MOP. In Warlords i started the expension pretty laid but started to raid very fast on a heroic level HFC (Pre nerf).

My current progress is as follow:

7/7 HC 1/7 Mythic EN ( that is including renferal ) A few bosses i have experience on.
3/3 HC TOV Mythic experience on Helya we managed to get her towards P2.
10/10 HC EN 1/10 Mythic (one shotted trillix)

In the legion expension I have mostly pugged and raidleaded everything.

Guild History: (Please include some information about how long you spent there and the reasons why you left. This is not a place to trash-talk!):
I server transfered from Silvermoon - towards Ravencrest, joined a guild called basic, things did not work out for me there because of personal issues I was facing that time. Before Ravencrest I ran my own projects from either Semi hardcore raiding guilds / hardcore / casual / reroll.

Additional Questions

Why do you want to join us and what do you believe you can offer us?:
I would like to join because you guys need a tank for mythic progress. I don't know anybody here so I can't say I join for them. But I would like to know the people here and hopefully call them my friends some day.

What I can offer is a all round 24/7 active tank that is always up to do someting with guild members. I am up to date with tactics, prepared, got a working mic and coms, vocal, can assist with recruitment, officer related / guild management tasks and raid leading. I also have best in slot legendary's + 2 set bonus. 52 artifact trait level and 34 in my offspec Fury. Gemmed and enchanted. Best in slot food, prepots and flasks.

Do you spend time on Warcraft other than the time it takes to raid? What else do you like to do or want to achieve in WoW outside raiding?:
I like to collect mounts, achievements and pets.

Do you have any significant alts? (Feel free to add armoury links also):
nothing worth mentioning.

Do you play any other games? Do you or have you played them at a competative level? (It doesn't matter if you don't, we're just trying to build up an idea of the kind of player that you are):
I play Counterstrike and a few other games. The next upcoming months I will be buying a new rig to play a couple of other triple A games.

Any Other Comments::
I feel that I have said everything that needed to be said. You guys seem like a nice bunch. ( no homo )



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re: APPROVED - App: Redshiro - by Monkfeesh


hey man

thanks for the application, we've already talked in discord so you know whats going on - i wont be around untill before raid time tomorrow evening, but we'll be able to sort a guild invite out for you then at the latest.

we'll speak again in game,



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