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re: Teamspeak 3


Our Voice Comm - Teamspeak 3 (Details can be found in game)

We use a Teamspeak 3 server to communicate with each other. This includes going through strategies when raiding, officer meetings, doing lower instances, PvP tactics or just for talking with eachother.

* We Speak English.
The main language we use during raiding or for any other event is english. This is because we have members from many different places, and we need everyone to understand each other. It helps if you speak as clearly as you can.

* Use Push-To-Talk.
To minimise pollution of the channel, use push-to-talk rather than voice activation.

* Remain on Teamspeak 3 During Raids.
During raiding and other necessary events, always log onto the TS3 server, even if you cannot talk. Listening is most important, as we will do most strategies over TS3.

* No Spam.
Try to keep idle talk to a minimum while raiding. This is to make sure that important messages and warnings from the raid leaders get though. Breaking this several times might get you muted.

* Use Your Characters Name.
Use ONLY your character name when participating in raids. People using other names may be kicked or banned. This is to ensure that when we are raiding, we are not disturbed by outside sources.

* Private Ventrilo.
The TS3 server is GUILD ONLY, if permission is not given by the administrator or one of the officers, then please do not invite anyone outside the guild into the server. Users breaking this will be warned.

* The Officer Channel.
Only officers have acces to the officer channel, this is to ensure that the officers can discuss some matters privately.

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