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PostPosted: Fri Feb 10, 2017 9:31 am    Post subject:

Hey again.


As said, thanks for applying. However you're not what we're looking for.

A tip: when mentioning you like to grind and being a patient player.

Why don't you log out in your elemental gear? And if that's your elem-gear, why not enchant it? Correct enchants?

You like to do M+ but you only have 41 traits. 


With all this said, I am not hammering on you. Just pointing out things others might, too.





PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:43 am    Post subject:

Hey man!


Thanks for your application.


We'll have a talk about it as soon as we can and then we'll get back to you.



PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2017 3:00 am    Post subject: App: Glamlie

The application submitted by Glamlie is as follows:

Personal Information



Stockholm Sweden

Character Information

Character Name::

BattleTag: (So that we can contact you, should we need to outside of these forums):

Character Class::

Raid Role::
Damage Dealer

Character Armory: (Please be sure to have your PvE gear showing on your Armory link):

Link to your logs: (Warcraft Logs):
Not much of a logs person so havent got any.

Warcraft History

Raid History: (Please tell us your full raid history. It doesn't matter if it doesn't date back to the beginning, we just want to get an idea of how long and to what level you've experienced raiding):
Well i started in early MoP i didn't really raid, but when SoO rolled around I got 13/13 Heroic progress on it. In WoD i raided just HFC and got 5/13 Mythic, but I started late so didnt get to do more then 3 resets i think.

Guild History: (Please include some information about how long you spent there and the reasons why you left. This is not a place to trash-talk!):
I have been in the guild Rimfrost for quite some time. But they didnt want an elemental shaman because they already had one so i decided to leave.

Additional Questions

Why do you want to join us and what do you believe you can offer us?:
I want to raid in a competetive enviroment where i can improve as a player and get a solid progression. I belive the guild seems to be very good handeled by the leadership.

Do you spend time on Warcraft other than the time it takes to raid? What else do you like to do or want to achieve in WoW outside raiding?:
Yes i spend time outside raiding doing mythic+ and such to try and improve my character. So i would like to achive 54 traits in my elemental weapon. But i don't have any goals more then improve my character.

Do you have any significant alts? (Feel free to add armoury links also):
Well i do have 2 alts. A paladin and a resto druid. Both i dont really play but i could gear them up if its needed.
Druid :
Paladin :
(paladin doesnt have the right artifact)

Do you play any other games? Do you or have you played them at a competative level? (It doesn't matter if you don't, we're just trying to build up an idea of the kind of player that you are):
I hate to admit it but i have played runescape competetively. If you dont know how it works its like you level up 27 diffrent skills with 99 being the highest level. Every 99 takes roughtly 200 Hours and i got all skills to 99. So im a pretty patient player.

Any Other Comments::
I would just want to add that im not really up to date with the gear because i dont do nighthold pugging, because of this im pretty low ilvl but i can get it to a good one pretty quickly. I want to have people to content with outside of raiding. My general playtime is around 18-23.