2/7 Mythic, Renferal downed!

by Monkfeesh, 16 hours ago

After having a week off of mythic raiding due to roster issues, we came back and hit Elerethe in the face, really hard. He/She/It died.

Good Job guys, Onwards to Ursoc now and what is sure to be some fun!

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Mythic Nythendra down..

by Monkfeesh, 20 days ago

Ok, so it took a lot longer than it should have..

But, Nythendra is down and out from the mythic boss line-up!


Gz and onwards to the Druid/Bird/Spider bitch.

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Nightmare Purge, Part II

by Monkfeesh, 27 days ago

Xavius was once again defeated and so the Emerald Nightmare has been cleared on heroic!

Great job by the guys in the guild this week - good pushes to get everything done.


All other boss kill screenshots are in the gallery and videos will hopefully be coming soon!

Now.. about mythic..

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Nightmare Purged!

by Monkfeesh, 32 days ago

Normal cleared on the opening night - it wasn't very hard.

There were screenshots of all bosses but i'll just drop Xavius here, good job guys!

We also went on to kill Nythendra in heroic, good job again guys!

..Apparently Ursoc is a bitch to tank..

Check back on Sunday!

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The levelling race is done!

by Monkfeesh, 54 days ago

Congrats to Eyeballz (the artist formally known as Rocktosser) on winning the guild levelling race, in a pretty beast time of 9 hours 45 mins, good work!


Closely followed by Tinyboold (formerly Booldman) and Abriana on 2nd and 3rd, shortly after!

Now to gearing up and getting raid ready over the next few weeks.


See you in the Nightmare!

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