Anomaly + Trilliax Mythic downed - 3/10M Nighthold!

by Monkfeesh, 174 days ago

After some amount of disapointment in last weeks raids on Anomaly, and making a change to the tactics - we took down the boss in a decent amount of time tonight.

In comparison, Trilliax was such a significant step down in difficulty, but none-the-less, it was another good kill for the guild!

Good job boys, on to Krosus now, where we're sure to get our asses kicked for a little while!

Recruitment is open - Exceptional applications will be considered!

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Skorpyron Mythic downed! 1/10M!

by Monkfeesh, 181 days ago

Some time learning not to take blast to the face and not spawn extra scorpions = really smooth, clean kill..

Good job guys, Anomaly looks like a pretty boring fight but hopefully we'll bring it down next raid after some good progress tries today!

 Recruitment OPEN for 1-2 exceptional dps!

 Kill vids:

Warlock PoV -


Resto Shammy PoV -

(ignore the music 'credits' on my video, had to change the original music coz of some copyright shit)

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Heroic Nighthold Cleared!

by Monkfeesh, 182 days ago

After putting in the hours this week, we cleared Nighthold heroic, as well as normal.

With Gul'Dan down in heroic also, it's now time to take on mythic!

Good job boys - time for mythic!

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Gul'Dominated. Nighthold cleared!

by Monkfeesh, 184 days ago

Ok, so it was normal, but it still counts..

Gul'Dan downed and also Tichondrius in Hc was cleared bringing us to 8/10Hc also!

Such a good fight and the cinematic after was awesome, as ever. (spoilers below!)

Grats to the guys and now lets get hc cleared!

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The Nighthold - 7/10Hc!

by Monkfeesh, 187 days ago

So, after a couple of nights of raiding, we've pulled 7 of the 10 Nighthold bosses down!

Good job to the guys in the guild that have put in the time so far - lets push on for the rest of the week!

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