Trial of Valor Hc cleared..

by Monkfeesh, 2 days ago

Better late than never, and somewhat of an anti-climax after we'd been progressing nicely on the 'pre-nerf' version a few weeks ago, but still - 3/3 Hc now and was a pretty clean kill regardless.

Good job, back to Cenarius mythic, who we'd have probably killed tonight if bitches were online..!

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Il'! 5/7 Mythic!

by Monkfeesh, 16 days ago

Finally after a little bit of fiddling with the raid setup, and making sure stuff died in the order it was called, the angry tree died, and a very clean kill it was too!

That brings us up to 5/7 Mythic in the Emerald Nightmare!

Grats to the guys in the guild and raid! A little push to get Helya hc now and then on to Cenarius Mythic!

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ToV Heroic - 2/3

by Monkfeesh, 22 days ago

So we went for a quick little spank in ToV tonight to push a little bit of heroic.. Odyn and Guarm fell after a few tries on each..

Good job guys - back to Il'Gynoth now for some fun before we re-visit Helya!

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Trial of Valor Cleared!

by Monkfeesh, 27 days ago

Ok, so it's normal, but it was cleared pretty cleanly!

Grats guys, some fun fights here - on to heroic.

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Dargons down! 4/7 Mythic!

by Monkfeesh, 30 days ago

After getting the Nightmare Dragons down to like 10% a couple of times last raid, we knew we'd get it today and sure enough, they hit the dirt after a few tries!

Sketchy as balls kill, but, it was a kill, so its all good!

Il'Gynoth next!

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