Guarm Mythic Rekt! 2/3M ToV!

by Monkfeesh, 2 days ago

Ok, so we knew it was coming after the few tries we had last raid, but Guarm Mythic is dead and things are looking pretty solid for Nighthold!

Good job guys, onwards to Nighthold now!

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Mythic Odyn Downed! 1/3M ToV!

by Monkfeesh, 8 days ago

Odyn fell at our feet tonight, after putting in several tries this week and also learning to dodge balls to the face..

Good work to all the guys, on to Guarm, which im sure will be fun!

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Xavius Mythic Killed - 7/7M En!

by Monkfeesh, 37 days ago

Massively easy kill after Cenarius, killed on the 3rd pull..

Video from Tank PoV below also..

Good job guys.

On to Mythic ToV now, recruitment is still open for mainly ranged dps!

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Cenarius Down - 6/7 Mythic!

by Monkfeesh, 39 days ago

As is the way at the moment - an overdue kill, but a kill none-the-less!

Good job guys, Only Xavius to go in EN Mythic now.

On to Xavius before starting work on ToV Mythic! Recruitment is open for DPS classes (mainly ranged!)

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Trial of Valor Hc cleared..

by Monkfeesh, 46 days ago

Better late than never, and somewhat of an anti-climax after we'd been progressing nicely on the 'pre-nerf' version a few weeks ago, but still - 3/3 Hc now and was a pretty clean kill regardless.

Good job, back to Cenarius mythic, who we'd have probably killed tonight if bitches were online..!

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